Owner: Yann Leflour



1. Writing (Variable time)

Check: Your article is visible in the pull requests list

2. Review (~3min)

  • Assign 2 contributors for review
  • Add the Review Required label
Check: Your PR side bar should look like this

2bis. Fixing (Variable time)

When a reviewer has reviewed your article they may give you some feedback.
  • Correct what needs to be corrected
  • Answer the comments which don't need fixing
  • Add the Review Required label
Check: Every comment is either deprecated or answered on Github and the label is Review Required

3. Publishing (~0min)

  • Once all reviews are ok, the last reviewer will merge your pull request and delete your branch
  • Publishing your branch will be automatic
Check: Your article can be found on the Gitbook website
Troubleshooting: Contact Tycho
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