1. Setup Production Env

Creates the necessary fastlane and JS environments files

yo rn-toolbox:fastlane-env


  • Please confirm the project name: <Press Enter> => The same as for the staging/hockeyapp setup

  • The name for this new environment (lowercase, no space): production

  • The name of your repository Git branch for the environment just set: production => Or master...

  • The name of the company which will be publishing this application: Bam => Or your client name

  • The app name for this environment: <AppName> => The final App name

  • The App Id for this environment: com.<TeamName>.<ProjectName>.production

  • Which platform will you use for deployment?: AppStore

  • Your git repo for match:<TeamRepo>/certificates.git

  • The branch you want to use for match: <Press Enter> => The same as for the staging/hockeyapp setup, one Apple account means one branch usually

  • The team id for the certificates: **redacted** => Can be found in Membership (on the website

  • The team name: **redacted** => Can be found at the bottom top right

  • Your apple id: **redacted** => The username of the apple account

  • Your keystore password: <Press Enter> => You can directly accept the generated password from the generator

2. Test your JS Production environment in your emulator

To make sure that your app is ready to be pushed in production, not showing or using dev tools and calling the right back-end

3. Generate a certificate and a provisioning profile with setup

bundle exec fastlane ios setup --env=production

4. Create the app on iTunes Connect

  • My apps > Top Left '+' > New App

    • Platform: iOS

    • Name: <AppName>

    • Language: <Main app language>

    • Bundle ID: <Above App Id>

    • SKU: <App Id as well>

    • Create!

5. Launch the build process

It will sign and build your app and upload it to iTunes Connect.

bundle exec fastlane ios deploy --env=production

If there is an error due to icons, check this doc

6. See your app available on Testflight internal testing

  • Wait: processing from Apple (can see the status in iTunes Connect > Your App > Activity)

  • Your app should be "green" for iTunes Connect Users: iTunes Connect > Your App > Testflight

  • Click: iTunes Connect Users to invite testers > '+'

    • Add someone that was already invited to manage this account

7. iTunes status

This is the flow you will go through once you've uploaded your app:

Here is a website that gives the current waiting time for the review step: The longest step is 'Waiting for Review' that can last several days.


  • Add compliance issues detail after the app arrived on iTunes Connect

  • Detail how to add a new user to an iTunes Connect account

  • Detail how to use match with an already existing certificate

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