Owner: Xavier Lefevre

Control points

If, as an expert of caching, you want to adapt the standard to the context of your project, you have to check that:
  • if the data is not in cache, you redirect to the backend
  • you don't cache authenticated requests
  • you don't cache requests that mutate data on the server (POST/PUT/DELETE in REST)
  • the cache duration is respecting business needs
    • example: a football game score can't be cached more than 1 min for a live match but can be cached forever for a finished game
  • you respect cache headers, like Cache-Control


Using a tool like Varnish to cache routes in order to optimize the response performance below 0.1s.


If you fall on this method of operation and want to fill it don't hesitate! It will help others. You ca for instance, look at this article and convert it to a M33 like steps (short steps and check after after each steps) when you use it.