• A project started by a third party should use your organisation's iOS certificates once a team starts working on it


  • If the original Apple developer account is not an entreprise one, the certificates for the staging app will expire and renewing them will include a dependency to the original owner of the project



Removing the old app ID

  • Log in to the original Apple Developer account on developer.apple.com

  • Go to the certificates, Identifiers and Profiles page

  • In the Identifiers section, locate the staging app's ID and select it

  • In the menu you opened, browse to the bottom and delete the app ID

Generating a new provisiong profile

  • In your fastlane folder, open the .env file for the staging app

  • Change the MATCH_GIT_URL and IOS_TEAM_ID fields to the ones used by you organisation

  • If not already the case, set MATCH_TYPE to 'enterprise' and MATCH_FORCE_ENTERPRISE to '1' in the IOS_MATCH section of the env file

  • Change the FL_HOCKEY_API_TOKEN to you organisation's token

  • Run bundle exec fastlane ios setup --env=staging

  • Deploy to HockeyApp

  • Download and test the app

  • Share with your product owner and relevant people the new link to download the staging app

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