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  • I understand well the userStory

    • check: I know how my PO can validate it

  • After reading the checklist in my ticket, I go through my code to find the files that will be modified.

  • For each file, I find the part of the code that will be targeted.

  • I create a git branch: git checkout -b feature—ticketNumber-ComponentName-FeatureShortDescription

  • I check the quality of the actual code

Steps (from 5 to 20min)

To make my code session as efficient as possible, I do a plan by decomposing my functionality in independent parts: For each of those parts I write down: 1. The name of the Page/Component where I plan to do a code modification 2. The detail of the modification I will make 3. The functional test: Actions I will do in the app to make sure that it works and that it didn’t generate any bug or unexpected behavior. 4. A reminder to run project automatic tests (prettier, flow, jest…) 5. A reminder to commit the relevant modifications 6. An estimation of the time I need to finish this part.

You can use this template while planning:

Component file


Technical tests


The modification to do


The modification to do



  • Andon (first your architect, second your coach then other developers) as much as possible while constructing your plan.

  • When the plan is finished, you HAVE to present it to a more experienced dev in order to challenge it before coding.

Good Examples:

Ticket "Portfolio Creation Summary"

Ticket title: (1) As a user, in the page "Portfolio Creation Summary", when I click on the tab "In the Past", I see the graph data. Plan:

  • Part 1

    • Goal: Check that the graph data is already available

    • Functional test: use the debugger to check that this.state.backtest.composition is not an empty array

    • Duration: 2 minutes

  • Part 2

    • Goal: Show the graph data

    • Solution 1: Use ul and li ----> ((data) => li {data} /li)

    • After the architecture challenge, I changed the solution. They proposed Solution 2 ---->

  renderItem={({ item }) => (<Text key={data} </Text>)}  
  • Functional test: display the Flatlist

  • Automatic test + commit

  • Duration: 15 minutes

    • Total Duration: 20 minutes

Bad Examples:

Ticket "General Car State"

Ticket title: (2) As a user, in the page "General Car State", I see the 4 pictures of the car.

What I expected

What I get without doing a plan

  • What I did

    • Put the 4 pictures in a container view

    • Use flex-wrap to have 2 pictures per row

  • Result

    • As the devices in the definition of the Done had a big screen => Photos were displayed correctly

  • Unexpected result

    • The PO tested it on an iphone 5s (small screen) and the result wasn't the same.

    • Therefore, I had to take back this ticket to work on it again (2h of rework).

    • My coach encouraged me to use flexDirection (2 cars on a row and the 2 rows in the same column) instead of using flex-wrap.

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