• A running React Native app, preferably started with the generator


To add new icons to the app, you need to update 3 files in the project.

These 3 files are in the icomoon.zip archive: but if you only have the *.svg file of the icon, you need to generate the icomoon archive first.


  • Have the icons available (either in an icomoon file or a svg file)


1. [If necessary] Generate to icomoon.zip file:

  1. Click on + Import icons

  2. Import the selection.json file of the icons currently in the app, located in src/components/Icon/selection.json

  3. Add icons on the set you just imported by clicking on the burger (on the right) then Import to set

  4. If wanted, rename the icon by passing in edit mode (click on the pencil on top of the screen) then click on the icons to rename

  5. Select the icons you want to export (by default select all of them)

  6. On the bottom of the screen, click Generate font then Download

2. Add the icons to the application

  1. Open the icomoon.zip file

  2. Overwrite the following files:

    • android/app/src/main/assets/fonts/icomoon.ttf

    • src/components/Icon/selection.json

    • resources/icons/icomoon.ttf

:warning: If you are using code-push, don't forget to hard deploy

Deploying with CodePush will not update the icons of the app

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