Owner: Xavier Lefevre


Python: Simple and quick investigation of a function execution time

By using timer functions you can see how long takes the execution:
import time
import logging
def retrieve_data(self, ids):
# Start your time recording
start_time = time.time()
datas = Repository().get_data(ids).all()
# First stop, to see how long took "get_data"
first_record_time = time.time()'After getting datas: %s' %
str(first_record_time - start_time))
answer = [{
'id': str(,
'related_data': data.relation.to_dict() if data.relation else {}
} for data in datas]
# Second stop, to see how long took the answer construction
second_record_time = time.time()'After building the final answer: %s' % str(second_record_time - first_record_time))
return answer

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You can also profile with the below tool: